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Experience Art Created by Women

As artist and professor Joan Semmel put it: ‘…if there are no great celebrated women artists, that’s because the powers that be have not been celebrating them, but not because they are not there.’

We agree.

Welcome to InnovateHERS Create, our love letter to women artists, performers, makers and creators – a virtual celebration of women, transgender women and nonbinary femmes who give of their hearts and minds to create the works that challenge us. Enlighten us. The creative endeavors that ask us to take a look at our world through new lenses and encourage us to think more deeply about ourselves and how we perceive what is possible.

We thank these womxn and in this space, show you the fruits of their collective endeavors.

Most pieces presented are available for sale. To learn more about the piece, artist or to purchase and support our creative community, simply click on the art. We do intend to update our collections and rooms with new artists, performers and creatives regularly – so check back with us often.

We recommend viewing the virtual museum environment in full screen for the best viewing experience.

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I Will Mural, pictured above
Artist Anita Easterwood

By Lucky Easterwood and Anita Easterwood

Location; 18th and Quindaro
Kansas City, KS

Artist Statement: A Poem by Justice Davis

Dear Momma,

I hear your prayers at night to God, asking that my skin is not a death sentence written by a world who doesn’t know the purity behind my story line.
Momma, I hear the story lines, the broadcast, I see the protest signs and hashtags.
I know people like me be Black dots on blank page, like targets at a gun range.
I know if I move too quickly at my age, my story could be over, period, like Black dots on blank page.

Momma, I know my melanin be mistaken for sin.
Is that why you ask God for forgiveness for my innocence like I already match a suspect’s description?
Momma, I know one day everything I say can and will be used against me like “please, I can’t breathe,” “my stomach hurts” my neck hurts, everything hurts” right before they kill me.
Momma, I promise not to let my smile fade, like the middle of my khakis when my knees play too hard at recess.
I know play grounds and monkey bars make for easy transition to gated grounds and prisons bars after a court’s recess.

Momma, You don’t have to cry.
I will not let them steal my joy; I’ve hid it behind my fist raised to sky.
I will fly without limit, like my dreams are waiting for me on the other side of the horizon.
Momma, the sun is rising
Like your son is rising.

They will read about my being in history books and no, I won’t be a martyr. I will graduate. I will be a father. I will educate. I will dream. I will grow up. I will inspire. I will thrive. I will breathe.

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