InnovateHERS are audacious innovators, industry disruptors, intentional connectors and courageous changemakers ready to challenge the status quo in the name of economic and cultural progress in our communities.

Our diverse membership transcends industry and background, coming from all walks of life. We are startup founders. Politicians. Teachers. Doctors. STEMinists. Academics. We run classrooms, launch companies, lead initiatives, serve on boards and manage teams. As we like to say, innovatehers are badass womxn doing kickass things – and we are all committed to enacting radical, positive change in Kansas City through innovative, equitable leadership.

The Six Pillars of InnovateHER KC

Who Do We Serve?
What Our Members Are Saying

Lauren Conaway has created an organization with a mantra which strives to unite women and enable them to accomplish incredible things.

I am incredibly honored and proud to be part of this group. I am especially grateful to have taken advantage of their Friday “InnovateHER KC Office Hours” times to connect with the best and brightest women in their field of expertise. My business has grown in big and bold ways. I have been able to accomplish major goals and leap forward in a trajectory which exceeded my expectations.

Personally, I have developed friendships with women I would not have otherwise met. I have connected in important ways, which bring this Kansas City transplant incredibly proud of her adopted hometown.

Caroline Hammond (she/her/hers), Safe in Harm's Way
Prior to moving to Kansas City, what terrified me the most was not knowing if I would find community. My entire life in the past few months have been flipped upside down: I lost a sturdy performing job as an actor, moved from New York, pivoted my career and dove deep into entrepreneurship. Someone on Facebook recommended that I join this group called “InnovateHER KC”, which included a lot of like-minded, strong, entrepreneurial females of Kansas City. I thought, “Yes! My kinda women!”. Little did I know, in just one short month, I would gain tremendous support, allies, and friendship with InnovateHER KC.
This month, I launched a Kickstarter Campaign for my new business: Kansas City’s first Vietnamese Coffeeshop. I kid you not, women in this group that I have never met before, were sharing my links, donating to the cause, and cheering me on each day as my company got closer to its goal. Some days I would post simply, “Hey ladies, I need help finding so and so” and I would receive a message from someone who knew someone who then helped me. My muralist, bookkeeper, and two booked venues for my new coffee company all came from this network of women. My Kickstarter reached it’s financial goal of $10,000 a WEEK EARLY, and I give absolute credit to this group helping me do so.
I believe what truly MAKES this a successful platform is that every single woman who joins all has a common goal: to thrive. Whether that is financially, emotionally, or spiritually — it binds us. This group has enabled us go-getter-women to have a safe, reliable, not to mention groovy place to ask for help, discuss our needs, and inspire each other. Honey, I am not singing their praises, I am SHOUTING THEM! They have embraced this first generation Vietnamese-American new Midwesterner with open arms all whilst continuing to do so for thousands of others. I’ve found my community and I think I’ll stay awhile.
Jackie Nguyen (she/her/hers), Cafe Cà Phê

I’m a single father raising a fantastic 16-year-old daughter who recently discovered your podcast. Just wanted to say thanks for all that you do because it does help and it means a lot to people like me who need the help from a village!

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