Maybe you’ve seen us on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. Maybe you’ve attended one of our inspiring and amazing events. Maybe you’ve seen us on the local Kansas City news scene, or heard our podcast. Or maybe you’ve just caught the buzz and you’re here by word of mouth. However you’ve arrived here, welcome to our blog! This is the place to begin if you want to begin exploring who we are and what we’re about. So . . .

First things first. What is InnovateHER KC?

InnovateHER KC is an inclusive and dynamic organization dedicated to supporting, empowering, and advocating for womxn leaders in the Kansas City area. For a complete statement of our mission and purpose, see the About Us section of our website. Of course, even if you’ve read about us before, you may have further questions. Questions such as . . .

Who are we and what are we about?

We are many and we are growing. And as our mission argues, we are about enacting radical, positive change. And how, you may ask, do we achieve change? It boils down to some key values . . .

We are empowered by our collective knowledge and experience.

Reading, attending events, listening to smart people – all are critical to becoming educated and aware about the issues that shape our community and its people, and all are necessary to brainstorming paths forward.

However, real and lasting change requires putting knowledge into action. A daunting challenge? A tall order? You bet. That’s why we draw on our greatest resource – the people within our organization, as well as those within our community – to gain the strength, courage, and resources we need to make positive change happen. We gather in conversation at coffee shops, at happy hours, and at events hosted by our community partners. We exchange ideas on social media. And we get together to create actionable plans for achieving our goals. So the more perspectives we have among us, the stronger we become and the better positioned we are to create the kind of world we imagine.

We are active and engaged in the Kansas City community and beyond.

So yes, action and building community are important to enacting change. But change can be a painstaking journey. Thus we see engagement for the sake of change as an ongoing process of listening, learning, building relationships, and advocating for the causes in which we believe. Moreover, the process unfolds in different spheres all over Kansas City – in our schools, in our businesses, in politics, in the arts, in our retail spaces, on our streets, in our neighborhoods, and in our homes. Change occurs on multiple levels and thus keeps us open, nimble and creative. And, as noted above, the more voices we incorporate, the stronger we become as agents of positive change.

We are inclusive and diverse in our membership and our approach to advocacy.

As Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” We believe that, if we are to achieve a fair, diverse, and inclusive world, then our membership must reflect that. InnovateHER is for anyone interested in growing and promoting womxn’s leadership in Kansas City. Who does that include?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Civic leaders
  • Activists
  • Educators
  • Artists
  • Students
  • Male allies and
  • Insert your name here.

If you’re drawn to our cause – whatever your age, race, color, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender expression, religion, disability status, or profession – we welcome you here. In fact, as noted above, the more diverse we are, the stronger our sphere of influence becomes.

OK, so what will I find on this blog?

This blog is a space for us to engage you in conversation about topics that matter to our organization and the community we serve. What are these topics, you ask? Look for future posts subjects such as:

  • Why and how men can attend our events
  • What is design thinking?
  • The wage and pay gap–why it matters and how we can address it
  • Self-care for professional womxn
  • Womxn and funding—outstanding issues, perception vs reality, and what can be done
  • Our mission in action

These topics have come, and will continue to come, directly from our conversations as well as our events. So consider this blog an introduction to the issues we’re bringing into public discussion. And of course, please join us at our events to learn more.

Finally, this blog is a space for dialogue. Feel free to leave comments, follow up with us on social media, or even write a guest blog if you are so moved! This space belongs to all of us and we want to hear from you.