About Us.

InnovateHER is determined to harness the power of purpose, passion and collective action among professional women in the Kansas City community. We are cultivating our own sphere of influence which will deepen the impact of professional women in the Kansas City community. A space where all women are welcome to speak their truth, unapologetically, and feel heard.
Our mission is deeply rooted in the importance of providing inclusive support to all women, promoting diversity and advancing the professional goals of women in the Kansas City area.
Our members transcend industry and background, coming from all walks of life and professions. We are entrepreneurs, politicians, educators, activists, advocates, healthcare professionals, designers, technologists and academics. We run classrooms, found companies, serve on boards and lead teams. Our one unifying factor? We are committed to enacting positive change in Kansas City through innovation.
Welcome to InnovateHER KC!

Meet The Team

Lauren Conaway
Lauren ConawayFounder
Elaina Brownlee
Elaina BrownleeDirector, Social Programs
Carlanda McKinney
Carlanda McKinneyDirector, Impact Programming
Larissa Uredi
Larissa UrediDirector of Marketing
Tammy Buckner
Tammy BucknerDirector, Youth Engagement
Kaitlin Abdelrahman
Kaitlin AbdelrahmanDirector, Strategic Partnerships